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Vintage Sunday

The weather has been cooler these past weeks in Singapore. It does makes me feel a little blue with the rainy weather. Hence, I turn to fashion and personal styling … Continue reading

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When ruggedness meets classiness

Another design from DiliyaB.com. Totally loving this style as it is a well-blend design where the matured feel of the pearls is balanced out with the ruggedness of the leather … Continue reading

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Andy Warhol Says

Andy Warhol once said this:- “The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do.” How true are his words. Pictures may … Continue reading

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Dreams and Aspirations

Dreams and aspirations. Do they mean the same thing? Does one worth more than the other? Is one more realizable than the other? For me, dreams are things that may … Continue reading

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Given my love for cool and one of a kind accessories, I am happy when I got to know that one of my good friends decided to create and sell … Continue reading

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My Inner RockST@R!!

Thought of sharing my #OOTD here. I’m feeling rockstar-ish today hence my attire. Till my next update!

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Ipod Touch Streets

On one of my bored days, I decided to go on a photo hunt. I brought along my Yashica FX3 to use as my tool. But sadly, it malfunctioned on … Continue reading

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Kahi It’s ME (Feat Dumbfounded)

Currently I am obsessed with Kahi’s latest song, “It’s ME (Feat Dumbfounded). This song is composed by the late Rottyful Sky who died of cancer at a tender age of … Continue reading

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Hiatus and Return Update

Wow. It has been months since my last update. It is not that I’ve been busy. Well, that is part of the reason. It is that I ran out of … Continue reading

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Beijing 2008 by Liu Yi

Amazing thought-provoking painting “Beijing 2008” by Chinese-Canadian artist Liu Yi. The woman with the tattoos on her back is China. On the left, focused intensely on the game, is Japan. … Continue reading

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